Getting customers to upgrade

This concept was formed to help customers understand how the features of the new phones Verizon was offering, actually effected their daily lives. The offer was to upgrade to a new smart phone that can help make life easier. It tells a story of a couple going on vacation for a 4-day weekend and the many different situations they encounter. The phones helped them find gas stations, get directions, find restaurants and even provided music for the couple to fall asleep to. It really showed how well all the Verizon services can effect everything you do on any given day. A branded website was also part of the promotion and encouraged customers to offer up their upgrade story and how it has effected their lives. Prizes for the best stories ranged from free service for a year to accessories and the grand prize of a new Blackberry® Storm. This campaign resulted in a 14% increase in upgrades over the previous upgrade mailers. Additional Credits: Art Direction – Ellen Hutchings. Copy – Jordan Sowards